Undergraduate Summer Student Jobs

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Project Title
Length (months)
Supervisor Name
Family MedicineCHANGE Health4Doug Klein
Family MedicineUncertainty tolerance and prospective specialty choice among 3rd year medical students2Oksana Babenko
Laboratory Medicine & PathologyGeneration and molecular characterization of 3D cell cultures of prostate cancer cells4Andrei Drabovich
Medical GeneticsMolecular Mechanisms of Neuromuscular Diseases and Antisense/Gene-editing Therapeutics4Toshifumi Yokota, PhD
MedicineFunctional impacts of distal nerve transfers in patients with severe cubital tunnel syndrome4Ming Chan
MedicineEnhancing Discharge Education for Patients with Cirrhosis: A Project Exploring the Use of Multi-Modal Techniques4Puneeta Tandon
MedicineCo-Development of Novel Knowledge Translation Techniques for Patients with Cirrhosis 4Puneeta Tandon
MedicineReducing Waiting Time and Emergency Room Visits for Cirrhosis Patients Needing Paracentesis: A Quality Improvement Project4Puneeta Tandon
MedicineImpact of Renal Protective Immunosuppression on Long-term Outcomes Following Liver Transplantation3Rahima Bhanji
Obstetrics and GynaecologyPubovaginal Fascial Sling for Stress Urinary Incontinence – A Retrospective Look at Five Year Outcomes4Momoe Hyakutake
OncologyGamma Knife Radiosurgery: Clinical outcomes of brain metastases4Samir Patel
PsychiatryElucidation of complex drug metabolizing enzyme genetic variants 4Dr Katherine J Aitchison
PsychiatryIdentifying psychiatric disorders and predicting treatment outcomes using machine learning and multimodal data4Bo Cao
PsychiatryInvestigation of the role of GABA and glutamate in perimenopausal depression. An in vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy study3Dr.Jean-Michel Le Melledo
Radiology & Diagnostic ImagingRadiology Undergraduate Medical student education: Teaching File Update2Dr. Chris Fung
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